Apostle Ernest O Turner is the Chief Apostle of The International Fellowship Of Covenant Churches and Chairman Of The International Joint College Of  Apostles & Bishops, based in The Orlando Florida area. He is a supporter of the Five Fold Ministry. 

 The Lord God Almighty has called, anointed and appointed Apostle Ernest O Turner to restore Apostolic ministry and integrity throughout His Church. The Lord has given a mandate to Apostle Turner to strengthen the brethren; to build them up; to impart wisdom, understanding and love upon the leadership of the Church; to appoint, anoint and ordain those whom God has purposed to share in this Apostolic Reformation throughout the world; and to establish ministries and assemblies that promote the very principles of holiness, righteousness, truth and love. 

 With such a mandate, Apostle Ernest O Turner desires to be a blessing to many; to restore hope to a generation that has lost their way and lead them back to the source of all that brings forth life abundantly. 

 This Blog is dedicated to the Five Fold Ministry and the importance  thereof. I will share in the Blog important issues in the body of Christ concerning basic Christian believes and controversial topics in Christendom. Feel free to make your comments on any issue you are concerned about.

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